Down The Line: Explained


Verse (8 bars)

I know I be in the club [A]

But I ain' t looking for love [A]

I know these niggas, I know they just wanna fuck [A]

And sometimes, I might entertain them [A]


Prechorus (8 bars)

But I really fuck with you [B]

I hope you know this much is true [B]

Don't you ever get it confused [B]

I really fuck with you, I fuck with you so hard [B/X]


Chorus (4 bars)

I've already made up my mind [C]

I know who I want for the rest of my life [C]

And when the time is right [C]

I'ma be yours, you gon' be mine [C]


Postchorus (8 bars)

Someday, somewhere down the line [C]

Someday, somewhere down the line [C]

Someday you gon' see I wasn't lying, no [C]

Someday, somewhere down the line, somewhere down the line [C]


Verse (8 bars)

Though I know that you're the one [D]

Truth is, we're both still young [D]

At some point I know the day will come [D]

But for now, I'm just having my fun [D]


Prechorus (8 bars)

But I really fuck with you [B]

When it comes to these other dudes [B]

You're the one that I'll always choose [B]

Boy I really fuck with you, I fuck with you so hard [B/X]


Chorus (4 bars)

Postchorus (8 bars)



Mark my words, don't forget the things I'm telling you [B]

I can promise in the future this will still be true [B]

Go about your life, do all the things you wanna do [B]

Cause I know you really fuck with me too [B]






I decided to write this in a slight variation of the common pop form which is ABABCB. I added a prechorus and postchorus, which is a technique I use when I either have multiple hooks or need more time to say what I'm trying to say. My favorite rhyme scheme is good ol' AAAA. You can see that I used that scheme throughout the song, just switching to rhyme in each section, but maintaining the scheme nonetheless. Do you feel like the rhyme scheme helped you remember the lyrics, or did you not really pay attention to it? Let me know in the comments.

On the verses and prechoruses, I alternate between four beats of melody and four beats of rest. This technique allows for the song to breathe, and gives time for the listener to reflect on the lyrics.  During the choruses and postchoruses, I don't leave as much space in between the lines. I subconsciously used this as a technique to demonstrate the change of emotion during the chorus; during the verses I am thinking, and you as the listener are too, but during the chorus, my mind has been made up, and my inhibitions have been released, so I just simply spit it out. I've warmed up to him. 



I don't remember which part I wrote first, but in general, I start with the chorus. The chorus is a summary and contains the main idea, so usually if I can summarize it in a concise, effective manner, I can build off of it more easily. In this case, I ripped these chords from one of my old songs, "Delete". And so, I started fooling with chords and realized I could write another song to them, and that's what I did. Seriously, try singing the lyrics to "Down The Line" over "Delete":  Leave a comment about your experience!

For this particular song, I was strategic in my delivery because it could have easily been misinterpreted as a "wait for me" song.  But in this song, I'm not asking, I'm reassuring. Also, sometimes when I start with a concept, I get led astray and end up with a completely different song! And it's actually funny because "down the line" is an idiom my dad uses a lot, so I think that's why it just naturally stuck and I built the rest of the song from there.



This is actually something that a guy I was dating told me. He wasn't done thotting (WordPress is trying to tell me that isn't a word, but they need to partner with Urban Dictionary) around, but at least he felt some level of remorse and wanted me to continue to live my life and not sit around waiting for him. My dumb ass still sat around waiting... until I decided I was actually doing something that he didn't ask me to do and something that didn't make sense for me to do anyway. Have you ever been in this situation? Tell me about it. No, seriously, let's chat!

I still want to believe that it will work in the future with him, but I don't think it will.  We have  such a hard time maintaining a friendship because too many emotions are involved, and quite frankly I act like I'm okay with hearing him talk about these hoes he meets overseas, but it still stings. I cried when he asked me to stop commenting on his pictures because my commentary was "sending mixed signals" to the world. And I'm like, "I'm Déu bitch, fuck the world" lmao...  And he's made it clear that he doesn't like me "doing me", either. So, idk wtf our issue is, but that seems to be the only thing we can agree on: we both have one! 



And honey, one thing about them tables is that they always turn.  In having the freedom to live my life on the promiscuous edge, I realized I was only 23 and wasn't ready for all that anyhow. After a failed engagement at 22, I really needed and deserved the space to just have fun, get to know myself, and figure out what I wanted moving forward. So, the song is actually me singing to him when he came back around (because he did, after realizing these hoes ain't me and the grass ain't always greener... but nigga was still confused, and he just be lying about his feelings because he's lowkey manipulative) but I was #livingmybestlife. I still am. 

Side note... I had a "prophet" on a plane tell me he is the one. After reading my cards, they said I'm supposed to be with a 10 of diamonds or something like that (I really don't remember the explanation), and that I should be with someone who was born on a certain day... WHY did the prophet say HIS damn birthday! My girls were like, "nah Déu, that's the devil" lmao. I was dying. 



Women aren't always ready to settle down. We are not always interested in settling down. In fact, most of us struggle with commitment just like you penis swingers. We're just judged more heavily for it, so we try to pretend we always want a man or have a man, but most times... we don't. 

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